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To and from Europe with love

Me to the right of my host friend in Berlin.

My trip to Europe in 2015 was wonderful, but it was also tinted with a little sadness. I just met my now husband back then only two and a half months before leaving. When I planned the trip, I was single and looked forward to going as a single man. However, when I left, I just wanted to see Berlin and Paris as a guy who would return home to a great boyfriend.

I went to Europe, because a friend of mine moved to Berlin the year before. When I found out he was moving, I told him I would visit sooner than later. He was pleased to hear it. I think it was only four months after he left that I started booking my flights. I happened to be the first visitor he had from the U.S. to stay with him.

Even though I had my friend there in Berlin, I thought about the people at home. I sent postcards a few times to my family and to my boyfriend. It was interesting trying to figure out what I needed to pay to send postcards. The only reason I wondered which price I had to pay was that in Berlin it seemed unbelievably cheap and in Paris, more like what I expected. Writing postcards had its own charm. It made it feel even more like a vacation and it reminded me how far I traveled.

Me to the left of my husband.

Despite feeling a little sad parting with my boyfriend for a couple of weeks, I felt sad leaving Berlin and Paris as well. I had such a great time roaming foreign streets. I enjoyed the freedom of making my own schedule and trying new foods (sometimes). It was definitely a unique adventure and one I will treasure.

Now, my husband and I talk about going back to Europe together. He’s been to London and Paris, and we would both enjoy taking the trip together for nostalgia and to make new memories together. I would love to know more about how he experienced Paris, and I think each of us would get a kick out of sharing London and Berlin with one another as amateur guides. Now that we’ve tried Europe as singles, it could also be fun to find out how Europe feels as a couple.

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