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Time Is A Natural Feeling

I don’t think we stop to pay attention to time as a natural phenomenon, and as a result, I think we have truly lost touch with it. This has come from cultural shifts away from direct connections to time to making time a “thing”. I think this has been a somewhat detrimental shift that has reduced our overall present-ness and awareness.

Culturally, many peoples have moved toward objectifying time. There have been many inventions that document the passage of time, such as calendars and clocks. This has pulled time outside of ourselves to make it something we see as a resource of some kind. However, our bodies are built on experiencing cycles, which are the basis for time.

Perhaps one of the reasons we love music so much is to maintain touch with rhythm. It helps us reconnect to time through a natural, sensual experience of beat and harmony. Of course, lyrics can provide another aspect that plays with time. However, we sometimes listen to music that is all about the instrumental arrangement. I enjoy electronic trance music largely because it frees my mind from specific ideas shaped by words and allows me to experience rhythm and sound as my only guides.

In science fiction movies and episodic shows, characters often explore time through cause and consequence. Sometimes, there is the looped time phenomenon where characters relive a set number of moments. Other times, people get to visit the past or future in a disjointed way. Characters sometimes only see into the past or future. No matter the story, we are often fascinated by how time appears unchangeable through cause and effect.

In this 5-post blog series on sensing time, I talk a bit about different aspects of time and how it connects to our lives naturally. I’ll bring out some observations of my own and some research about how we experience time in our lives. I conclude with my own theory of time, which I hope gives you something to ponder. Please enjoy the next several weeks of posts.

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