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The Spiritual Life

I asked myself, “what does it mean to have spiritual needs?” I wondered about life’s purpose and if the two were connected. I thought about religion and wondered if only religious people have spiritual needs. I thought about my own life and how I kept going from one revelation to another never really stopping and always feeling like life was getting better with each discovery. All of this helped inform my current idea of what spiritual needs are.

When I think of spirituality, I define it as having a relationship with life as if life is a person that we expect things from, judge its character and decide how we approach it. It seems a perfect way to define how we develop a “meaning of life” philosophy. It also makes a lot of sense when you consider how religion spends a lot of time and effort to define this relationship for people. This definition even works for atheism and other perspectives that have nothing to do with religion yet still have some kind of “belief” about life.

I keep this definition in mind when using Tarot or talking to people about their lives. I think it’s important to evaluate our perspective and experience of life from time to time to make sure we are in touch. Any question about what is happening currently in our lives influences the overall relationship we have. I hope I bring insight into the overall relationship as much as any insight as I can into the situation the reading is about. I also hope each time I talk about meaningful moments, people feel as though they have a renewed sense of hope in their relationship with life.

For the next four posts, I will go more in depth about this idea of having a relationship with life. I’ll talk a bit about the search for the meaning of life, religion and its role, where atheism and similar non-religious beliefs fit in and spirituality as a way of growing. I hope you enjoy what I have to say and that it brings some insight into your own sense of spirituality.

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