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The Look of New Orleans

One of the most awesome things about New Orleans is the architecture and other design (like stone streets) that you can find.

french-designThe Iron French

The architecture I liked the most were the homes and buildings in the French Quarter. So many of the structures had multi-level wrought iron fencing and columns. It mixed well with hanging plant baskets, painted hurricane tolerating shutters, café style patio furniture and ubiquitous gas porch lights (rather than electrical porch lights).

The iron design wasn’t only in the French quarter. It mixed with other styles or was simply less prominent as part of the design.

See Wikipedia article on French architecture in New Orleans

mission-designDesign Mission

I didn’t know this before going there, but the Spanish occupied the area for a time. They oversaw the territory for about 40 years. Although a bit of the French quarter was actually designed by the Spanish, you can see a bit of the Mission style architecture in different places around New Orleans. I don’t know much about it, but it was amazing to see both whole houses and in some cases parts of house displaying the wide archways, clay roof tiles and (for some buildings) minarets.

see Wikipedia article on Spanish architecture in New Orleans

older-designOlder Buildings. Signs of Neglect.

There were some other buildings that had similar European influences but weren’t houses (or at least they didn’t look like single-family homes. Some of them may have been apartment buildings or duplex/townhouse type domiciles.

There were also many places that showed severe signs of neglect. However, these weren’t largely collected in whole areas but rather scattered about different neighborhoods, sometimes cropping up along whole streets of well-kept buildings.

See pictures of buildings and other New Orleans design

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