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Tarot and Readings

I provide a calm, listening ear and offer wisdom from my spiritual and cultural study. I do this through exploratory readings where I share my insights and impressions through the Tarot cards and talk with you about life in more detail. I bring serenity and compassion balanced with a focus on growth.

I’ve used Tarot since I was 16 and have incorporated my knowledge of human experience from psychology and cultural anthropology. I’ve researched the origins of Tarot, the Kabbalah and Sefer Yetzirah, to comprehend the meaning of the cards and transform the messages within them.

Simple reading

Types of Readings

I have three types of readings based on how you want to explore a situation.

Simple readings are $10 and use only 3 cards. They are quick and can help bring ideas to the surface in the shortest amount of time.

Comparison readings are $20 and use 6 cards. These can help compare self with circumstances or help to compare two choices side-by-side.

Analysis readings are $30 and use 9 cards. These help me take a bit of time to examine the situation in more complex ways and consider how different parts of the situation play off each other. This can facilitate a deeper discussion.

See some examples of my readings

I accept cash and cards for readings.

Scheduling readings

I am available for individual readings or readings for parties and groups usually during evenings and on weekends.

For individuals, I host reading drop-in sessions one Saturday a month at Serenity Shop (6063 NE Glisan) in Portland. I can also be found at different metaphysical type events in the Portland area. Check my Facebook page for more details or contact me.

For parties or groups, I charge $60 per hour. We can work out space and setup after you let me know what day(s) and time(s) you want.

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