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Growth, Serenity and the Whole Self

I believe spiritual growth is centered around eternal personal growth. The work we do to improve ourselves has no final stopping point. Ideally, we are able to balance ourselves out and become competent in many directions. We are able to address more of life’s issues better over time, but we are still limited. We may not ever be able to do everything perfectly.

My belief comes from the serenity prayer. It’s the prayer that says, “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” (Wikipedia) It’s broad sweeping, as I don’t think we need to change some things even if they are within our power. However, the sentiment reflects the truth about power. We have some. We don’t have it all. We must be wise and graceful about this, which is the best relationship we can have with life.

At another level, we must become as much of our potential as we can while also allowing the rest of life become what it must as well. We must believe we are meant to work well together, and we have the potential to be all we can. It is difficult to achieve, though. Self-awareness is the first key. Not everything we feel is about what we think it is. It’s important we learn the differences between needs and purpose.

The four elements of the whole self

The four elements symbolize different parts of who we are and represent how we can know ourselves more fully.

Fire is the element of personal potential. It is about nature and nurture and how we can develop our nature to fulfill our potential, or destiny.

Air is the element of clear perception. It is about seeing things as clearly as we can by looking at and experiencing life from as many angles as we can until we cover all the angles and understand each thing as whole in itself.

Water is the element of environmental relationship. It is about whether or not we live a symbiotic, supportive life with our environment or a parasitic, hostile life with our environment.

Earth is the element of disciplined manifestation. It is about how we learn how to bring things to fruition through our efforts and sustain those things through balanced sustenance.

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