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Growth and Spirituality

Not long ago, I came to the conclusion that there really isn’t a time when we stop growing. Life is a constant learning experience, and we are forever the student. Certainly we learn how to do things and become specialized masters. However, there is always more to learn and in my opinion always more to […]

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The Spiritual Atheist

When I think about spirituality and what it means, I have to include atheism as part of that. Too often, spirituality is talked about as if it means religion exclusively. It is as if spirituality can only be contained in holy items, rituals, identities and often deities. Yet, there are plenty of people who may have […]

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Religion and Spirituality

Religions often provide a standardized guide to how we should relate to life. More experienced practitioners often hand off customs that often function like rules. There are books that can be reprinted and handed out to people. There can be traditions, symbols, sayings, practices and experts more able to pass along the wisdom of its […]

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The Meaning of Life

Beliefs about the meaning of life cover a broad range of views. It’s not just religious beliefs that drive us but beliefs about why we do things in life. We often behave in life based on what we believe or expect will come from our actions. If life fails to deliver on our expectations, then […]

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The Spiritual Life

I asked myself, “what does it mean to have spiritual needs?” I wondered about life’s purpose and if the two were connected. I thought about religion and wondered if only religious people have spiritual needs. I thought about my own life and how I kept going from one revelation to another never really stopping and […]

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