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An Honest Argument

It may seem odd to make sure people speak the truth when there’s a disagreement or argument, but of course it happens that people don’t speak the truth. Sometimes, it’s that things get so bad that they really stop speaking entirely. They want to address the problem, but the respect is gone and arguments solve […]

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A Learned Lesson

Another situation when we sometimes withhold the truth from someone is when they must learn something for themselves. This goes with the proverb “[…]if you give a man a fish he is hungry again in an hour. If you teach him to catch a fish you do him a good turn.” (Mrs. Dymond by Anne […]

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A Caring Confession

There are times when we make mistakes or choices that hurt others. Most of the time, we need to confess when we do something wrong. However, I’ve seen, discussed and experienced some examples of when we should keep things to ourselves or when I think it is ok to keep our mistakes to ourselves. I […]

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A Dutiful Deal

Telling the truth is a critical part of negotiating a deal or coming to an agreement. In legal wording, everyone should be able to have “good faith” that no one is trying to cheat anyone else out of anything. All people who are part of the negotiation are coming to bargain what they are truly […]

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A Sound Surprise

Maybe we should always tell the truth, but surprises rely on lying and can be quite fun for the person getting the surprise. It may seem obvious to some that hiding a surprise should be OK. However, it’s important to think about what this means about any “rule of truth”. Why is it OK to […]

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Telling the Truth

For the most part, I believe we should tell the truth. This means sharing all the knowledge we have of what is relevant to a question, problem or subject. We may not say it all at once. It may be a piecemeal conversation, but we should share what is relevant when we know what someone needs […]

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