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Reading 5: Men as Caregivers

This reading focused on how much a single mother with older sons (18 and up) still provides so much care to 3 generations of men. It made me think about how she was stuck being the care provider in different ways to these men and how men can start being care providers for one another. […]

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Reading 4: Working on It

This reading included a lot of wands and cups. This was then about the relationship the enquirer had with their circumstances and how it affected their ability to be themself. The unpredictability and overwhelming nature of the situation didn’t likely help. Personal Action: Page of Wands This first card showed that the person was focused […]

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Reading 1: Beginning Again

I am starting up my blog again (intermittently) and talk about some of the readings I give. My goal is to share my insights and give you a tiny taste of my reading style. Personal Action: Temperance When I see the Temperance card in this place, it seems like a person is doing everything they […]

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