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Transition Spreadsheet

One of the last tools I use to help with operations is the transition spreadsheet. This is a spreadsheet with several tabs to track a few items that can be part of retiring or deleting content. It may seem like you can just delete content and move on, but we have several features integrated into […]

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Content Catalog (the Organic Inventory)

A tool I use often is a content catalog, which is similar to content inventory. The basic premise is the same, but the catalog focuses on content that needs to be managed as an ongoing project, such as support documentation or service documentation. My experience with an inventory is only during a migration from one […]

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Editorial Response (Not Just a Calendar)

We don’t actually have an editorial calendar in our website support division; we do have an editorial response plan. We did have a calendar or at least tried to get people to write blog posts regularly on our internal blog, but we had to balance that with our real operations. It never really got traction, […]

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Editorial Guidelines for Content

One of the things I heard about from experts early on was the need for editorial guidelines. The basic piece is having a guide for spelling and grammar. It also includes the way you sound as an organization by how everyone on your team writes . Are you a bit stuffy and aloof or sassy […]

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Data Driven Content

At the health science university where I work, we focus on making decisions grounded in data we can collect along with any other insights we can gather. At least we do on the central tech team that supports every stakeholder group that authors their own pages. Several of our initiatives have included visitor data or […]

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Operational Website Content Strategy

When I first entered the field of website content strategy, so much of what I found seemed to focus on strategy for migrating to new sites and not so much strategy for existing sites. I saw tools like the gap analysis or content inventory listed. The way a gap analysis was described, it sounded like […]

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