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Dreaming in Full Color

I had my first lucid dream at the beginning of this month. Did my mind April fool me? Was it a rebirth? Well, it was certainly impressive, and I’m excited to share the experience. What is a lucid dream? Mainly, it’s that you’re aware you’re dreaming. Ideally, it also means you can shape the content […]

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Car in the Garage Smile

I’ll admit now what kicked off my idea for a series on daily happiness was having my car parked in the garage. No, this is not an April fools joke. Both of the last two Winters, I’ve been grateful for a garage. The first Winter we had in our house, it snowed a lot more […]

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Daily Happiness

I plan to share some things that make me happy in different ways from time to time in this ongoing series about daily happiness. I won’t be sharing about happiness on a daily level. I call it daily happiness, because I want it to be about things or people I have around me in my […]

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