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Friends of friend in Berlin

A few times, I had dinner with my friend and his friends. It was a mix of coworkers and people he had met while living there. All of them spoke English, but many were originally from other non-anglo countries. I think the furthest non-angle but European country was Turkey. One of the first dinners I […]

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Monuments and sights in Berlin

There is quite a bit to see when you’re visiting Berlin. I’ve highlighted many of the monuments, memorials and other sights. However, there are still other things to see that I did not list here. If you ever go, prepare to have plenty to do. Brandenburg Gate and Berlin Wall I thought of only two […]

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Speaking German a little (and eating)

Everyone said I could speak English, but I tried speaking in German anyway. At least when I ordered food, I tried. Even then, I often asked “Sprechen Sie Englisch?” (my spelling is likely atrocious). Before going, I bought Rosetta Stone for German and practiced it a bit. I hardly got through any of it, though. […]

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The character of Berlin

When I got to Berlin, I quickly felt at home. Seriously, Berlin is a lot like Portland. First of all, it’s very green. There are many parks, and trees grow throughout the city. I’m sure if I had stood on a hill overlooking the city from one side, I would have seen more greenery than […]

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First time traveling to Europe

I knew before I left for Europe that Germany and France are my inherited motherlands. My father’s side of my family is German descent and my mother’s is French. Ok, technically, we found out mom’s side is French Belgian, but essentially, that side is French. I didn’t try to seek out any possible family. Maybe […]

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