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Spicy, Sassy, New Orleans

New Orleans bustles with all the features of a creative center you would expect. It’s kinda odd that such a creative center can struggle so much. Here’s a quick run down of some of the sights.


I got some really good hot chocolate from this District Donuts Sliders and Brew.

The Shops on Magazine Street

Magazine Street runs along the Garden District and includes some restaurants, cafés and stores. The first place my hosts took me was to Tracey’s, formerly called Parasols. Actually, Parasols is still there but under new management. Tracey’s has parasols hanging from the ceiling, almost all of which have Mardi Gras colors (gold, green and purple). More importantly, it serves po’ boy sandwiches, which themselves have a bit of history behind them. If you go to New Orleans looking for po’ boy sandwiches, you might try the ones at Parkway. Fried shrimp po’ boy. Mmmmm.

We ended up going into a store, Miette, that reminded me of stores in Portland. They sold an array of things including glass wearables made by Unique Products. I ended up buying a glass belt buckle, which you may see me wear sometime. There were other similar stores with witty t-shirts, recycled clothing, furniture, housewares and the like. These made New Orleans fell a bit more like mardi-gras-porchhome to me.

Along the River

The Mississippi river defines New Orleans, and there are a few sights nearby. Of course, it’s quite close to the French Quarter, so you can walk along the fairly peaceful waterfront if you’re down in that area of town. When I was down there, I saw a neat steamboat docked called the Natchez. I didn’t make time to take a cruise on it, but it would be something I would try to see more of on a future trip. Also, Harrah’s Casino is near the waterfront. If you like casino entertainment, you might as well party a little at Harrah’s.


The Streetcar is a great way to get around.

Snowballs in Heat

A less known “delicacy” of New Orleans is the snowball. Vendors make this sugary treat from shaved ice and flavored syrups. You can often get it in a small, medium, large or gigantic cup. I though beignets were sweet, but this little bugger was so sweet I couldn’t finish mine. Of course, if I had gotten a small serving, it probably would have been fine. I recommend trying it at least once, but definitely get a smaller portion if you’re trying to keep sugar and artificial ingredients to a minimum.

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