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Six Kinds of Problems We Have to Solve

knot-tiedWe face problems all the time, and these problems can create stress. Stress can threaten our serenity on a daily basis, depending on what kind of problems we face (see link below to post on stress). However, if we can identify our problems and approach them with some awareness, we stand a better chance of keeping our serenity in tact. Here are six problems that we can face and how we can better manage them.

Growth as a Problem

Learning something new is a challenge that we face sometimes. When we start without expectations, it tends to be easier. However, we always have to take a little time to comprehend all the details for something new. We did a lot of this during childhood, like learning how to tie our shoes and learning how to eat our food. It also happens when little things change on us, like when businesses we frequent create a new process or when our technology updates on us. We’re so used to doing things a particular way and then we have to change that. We simply have to give ourselves time to either adopt a new practice or change our behavior.

Understanding as a Problem

A common experience is having a different understanding that leads to a misunderstanding. Sometimes, it’s as simple as two or more people using the same word with different meanings. Sometimes, it’s more intricate when people see different details in the same situation that leads to different interpretations. Arguments happen all the time, and often times, it is due to the difference in understanding. It usually just takes time to step back and hash out the details while separating facts from conclusions.

Maintenance as a Problem

Sometimes, we have to maintain something as a practice, which doesn’t present a problem up front but can be a problem in other ways. If we don’t have the energy, it can be hard to maintain all of our commitments. Whether we like to garden, exercise, expand our finances or any other longer term invested project, we have to negotiate our time and energy to make sure we can keep those projects going. Many of these projects we choose, so we just need to make sure that we only choose the things we can make time for.

Hunger as a Problem

More personally, we have hunger needs or similar types of needs that shape our lives without any choice. Eating, drinking water, sleeping and similar physical needs are automatic. This is different than some maintenance problems that we choose. I know I sometimes hate brushing my teeth when I get tired too soon. I also like to cook for myself, but when I get worn out from my workday, I’d rather get something to eat. This is pretty common, and when I need to stick to a budget, I sometimes have to just suck it up and cook something for myself.

Creativity as a Problem

Creative endeavors can be very rewarding, partly because the process includes so many problems to solve through improvisation. Anyone whose planned an event of any kind, with teams of people and scores of resources to organize understands the many problems that can come up in such a situation. Commercial business is built on the ability to tackle planning and logistical problems on a daily basis. It’s how many of us have jobs. We can only accept that life includes problems like these all the time and commit to addressing them as they arise.

Violation as a Problem

When someone crosses a boundary and essentially violates someone else (or several someone elses), that is the most serious problem of all. It may be that some violations originate as a different problem, like a misunderstanding, that escalates to violation. It can also be something like a kind of hunger that someone can’t manage and ends up hurting someone else in the process. It’s quite rare that someone delights in violation simply for the sake of violation, and it may be that some people simply do it to gain a sense of power. These are the problems we keep a justice system around for, to help with eliminating violations as much as we can.

No matter what kind of problems you face, hopefully, you’ll be able to see them in a new light that will allow you to reduce your stress. Sometimes, merely accepting problems at face value can help us prepare for them. No matter what you face, I hope you achieve serenity as often as possible.

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