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Sensing The Flow

I loved going to university, because I was able to get away from the clock a little. This got me to thinking about how time was more about timing and a living rhythm instead of something divided out into days, hours, minutes and whatever else.

While going to university I was able to return to a more natural sleeping rhythm. I took classes later in the day, so I stopped using an alarm to wake myself. I let myself get up whenever it felt good to get up. It was amazing. I felt far more attuned to my world and productive overall. Even though I used a watch throughout the day to get to classes and meetings, I stayed in touch with my energy levels. I also got more in tune with my creative thoughts, and I think I learned a lot more thanks to keeping a natural rhythm.

Also, while at university I heard a lot about “native time”. The idea is that Western colonizers took over indigenous peoples and imposed objective time that made no sense. I wasn’t sure what this meant, and how it is that a person could experience time other than with clocks and calendars. Eventually, I developed a better sense of natural time and realized that I think people probably had a great sense of timing rather than measuring out time as an object. They learned how to get into a rhythm with life and start whatever needed to be done based on their temporal connection to their environment. People came together as they felt it was needed. They also dispersed in the same way. Time was something that was felt not measured.

I wonder what benefits we could find by returning to a timing based method of living and releasing objective time as a way of living. Perhaps we would become more aware of who we are as people, what is important in our environment and when things seem out of place or unnatural on a temporal level. It could become another sense that we develop as a species.

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