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Sense Of Presence

I realized recently I needed to focus on listening to keep myself present during meditation. I thought my issue was with having a wandering mind that visualized a lot, but that’s not the case at all. I’ve since realized that sound is how my brain distracts me. I might play through imaginary conversations in my head or prior conversations I want to revisit for whatever reason. I might “listen” to a song played only in my mind not one that I’m actually listening to in the here and now. I sometimes talk to myself carefully selecting what I want to say to myself word for word. This has helped me understand that when I meditate, I need to pay attention to what I hear and let my mind calm down and listen to only what is here and now.

This makes me wonder how any of us use our sense to distract ourselves. Do you use what you see in your minds eye to distract yourself? What about feelings? Do you notice what is happening in your body or use sensations to distract yourself from what is happening? Which sense (or senses) do you use to distract yourself?

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