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Rhythms, Alterations and Effects (Meditation)

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Caffeine, fatigue and other problems may thwart your ability to be in a state of open focus or wonder.

I’ve noticed that even with my techniques, general fatigue can make it harder to remain present. If I meditate at a particular time of the day when I feel exhausted or somewhat in need of rest, my mind can wander more and lose any focus at all. I tend toward daydreaming more and fail to balance it with engaged observation.

Also, caffeine or other things that affect mental states can create hurdles for remaining present. Caffeine can move me in the other direction where I obsess more about my thoughts and have a mind that runs away with me. I lose the openness and relaxation from that sense of wonder and curiosity that allows me to just observe thoughts.

It’s always good to practice meditation, even if you have some distractions or aren’t at your best. Just keep in mind that you are struggling against these factors and don’t expect the same results from these meditation sessions.

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