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Restarting My Blog…Soon

After more than 2 years of silence, it’s about time I restarted my blogging. I plan to post “blog essays” where I will do small series of posts around a theme. I’m excited to do this kind of chapter by chapter discussion around more complex topics.

I’ve learned a lot about what content strategy is on a very practical level. It’s been great working inside a larger organization to understand the difficulties of maintaining effective content on websites with so much to say in so many different ways. I plan to share tools, specific cases and general observations under the digital category.

I’ve also been leaning a bit about nature through food and health mostly. It’s been an interesting journey, one that is leading to as healthy a life as I think I can have at this time. I hope to share my occasional insights here with you, in case whatever I have to say can help you on your journey.

Spirituality is my real area of expertise. I haven’t necessarily studied religions of the world, but I do know a lot about meaningful experience, particularly regarding mysticism and philosophical observations about life. Since I have a site already dedicated to this part of my life, I will share these kinds of posts there.

I hope you enjoy the topics I present, whether you are a web person, a nature lover or or more spiritually oriented.

Oh yeah. I may also post about other personal topics, like vacations and such.