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Reading 7: What Are You Waiting For?

It was clear from the cards in this layout that the situation involved a practical project of some kind. However, I wasn’t entirely sure if my vision about what it meant was accurate. I saw the inquirer as a foreperson constructing a house. After I went through the cards with them, I found out I was partly right.

The ten of coins at the very center made it clear that this situation was about pushing forward on a project, but that somehow the inquirer maybe needed to watch that they didn’t push too hard or otherwise sabotage their efforts.

Clear Vision but Hindered Efforts

The ace of swords meant that they knew exactly what they wanted to accomplish. There was nothing to figure out in their vision. However, the seven of coins maybe meant that there were other factors complicating the effort to proceed. The seven of swords only reinforced these energies.

Motivation Is the Key

The magician and the star were interesting to see together. The magician is the one that puts forth power and is ready to create something. However, the star showed that there was a temptation to do things on a smaller scale or tackle only the easiest aspects of the problem. It turned out the inquirer was typically a procrastinator. We talked a bit about why they felt hesitant, but all I could do is encourage them to stick with the project and get things done.

The project was house related. The inquirer was reorganizing and clearing out rooms. Not a small task, but also not as adventurous as construction.