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Reading 6: Health and How to Proceed

This reading included the Chariot in the center. The three of wands, eight of wands and the Moon all appeared in the upward triangle representing the inquirer. The Lovers, the seven of wands and the ace of coins appeared in the downward triangle representing the situation.

In this reading, the center piece was the Chariot, which was interesting given how many wands showed up. It made it seem like she had all this energy or was focused on her personal expression but also hesitated.

Exploring but Being Confident

The three of wands and eight of wands told me she was holding back, partly because she was wondering what to do with her energy and also because she was tied up in how her energy might influence others. The Moon made me think she was worried about how others would react to her if she were her true self, and that if they reacted poorly that she should remain true to herself and not let them change what she felt she had to do.

Sorting Out the Details

The Lovers card meant that she was indeed going through a process of sorting out what seemed to fit her best and making sure things were optimal. With the ace of coins there, it seemed like her time, money, health or any other resources were not at all the issue. She confirmed it wasn’t. The seven of wands just reinforced that in the situation, she was perhaps working with others and trying to find a good balance or agreement with them in order to be as much herself as she felt comfortable with.

The inquirer let me know, she had made some really important decisions about her mental and physical health, getting rid of bad habits recently, and she found she had a lot of energy. However, she didn’t know how to fill her time. She also mentioned seeing someone, and I suspected that part of her new found energy meant figuring out whether she would spend more time with this other person or if she wanted to explore her own interests more. The reading definitely resonated with her.