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Reading 5: Men as Caregivers

The queen of swords showed up with the king of swords around the temperance card

This reading focused on how much a single mother with older sons (18 and up) still provides so much care to 3 generations of men. It made me think about how she was stuck being the care provider in different ways to these men and how men can start being care providers for one another.

The Caring Male

I think we’ve lost our sense of care and support in some ways. I know many men who are fathers, and in that sense, they are care givers, but I can’t say I know many who take care of their parents or who take care of each other that much. That’s not to say male friends don’t support each other at all, but I wonder if men can provide more care to one another.

Caring While Struggling

I also wonder if men think that in order to be a strong support for someone else, they have to feel steady or secure themselves. It may feel easier to do so, but I as with this mother who got a reading from me, there are many women care givers who have a lot to handle or manage themselves, and I think men can do the same. It may mean setting aside time and giving someone else some attention that you feel you don’t have, but I think men can provide both even if those two things seem in short supply.

As it turns out, at least one of the generations of people this single mother has to look after does have some male friends assisting, so that’s good. However, it’s clear that she has so much on her plate, it could help if other men could step in and help out with some of the other care giving as well.

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