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Reading 4: Working on It

This reading included a lot of wands and cups. This was then about the relationship the enquirer had with their circumstances and how it affected their ability to be themself. The unpredictability and overwhelming nature of the situation didn’t likely help.

Personal Action: Page of Wands

This first card showed that the person was focused on developing or allowing some part of themself to come out. However, it was likely that they didn’t even know what it was or how to proceed at all.

Root or Fuel: Temperance

When Temperance showed up, it made me think that one of the reasons they struggled with letting themself develop was that things were too precarious, being overwhelming at times and perhaps completely disengaged at other times making it difficult to know how to respond.

Mental Focus: Five of Cups

The focus being the Five of Cups only further supported Temperance. They needed to establish a more harmonious and balanced relationship with the situation while moderating the fluctuations of intensity they were in.

Questions or Doubts: Seven of Cups

There were doubts about the relationship between the enquirer and their situation, namely because things had maybe shifted in the relationship. It may have been more difficult to negotiate or cooperate.

Situation Dynamic: Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups here only reinforced that the situation was something of a struggle. Although the relationship was functional and moving forward, it was not intuitive or natural at this stage and required a lot of work.

Situation Roots: Eight of Wands

The Eight of Wands helped point me in the right direction. Here, the dynamic was rooted in obligations the enquirer had to the situation and those obligations were burdening them making it difficult to find ways to develop themself.


The enquirer told me that things had change at their job, where they had accepted more responsibility and they felt awkward in their new role. They weren’t sure that they could handle the new situation, that even though they new the services well, they struggled to be more of a leader at work. I felt certain they would find their stride and that they would develop into the new role.