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Reading 3: Family and Me

This nine-card reading focused on the balance between the personal and the practical. The enquirer apparently had to look at how they felt with the practical aspect of how they could spend their time.

Personal Action: Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands shows that there is some work to coordinate personal expression with others. There may be limited opportunity to allow ones true self come through.

Root or Fuel: Queen of Wands

With the Queen of Wands fueling the Seven of Wands, it seems the enquirer has a reasonable sense of themself in this situation, but there is opportunity to be more and allow themself to develop more.

Mental Focus: The Sun

With the Sun as the mental focus, it seems like the person could be very ready to leave the comfort of their existing situation as they have likely spent enough time sitting under the Sun.

Questions or Doubts: King of Coins

It seems that the situation itself makes the enquirer wonder about the ability to really develop the practical aspects that affect this situation. There are plenty of doubts regarding their ability.

Situation Dynamic: Three of Wands

There is a lot of wondering about how to develop personal expression, interests, desires or whatever. It may be that something in the circumstances include limited personal expression.

Situation Roots: King of Cups

There is a well developed relationship dynamic or someone in the situation who has a very strong relationship with the enquirer and the skill to navigate relationships well. Perhaps it is this person who is causing some difficulty allowing the enquirer to pursue a part of themself without hindrance.

Letting Go: Three of Cups

The Three of Cups in this position shows they may have spent too much time imagining what might happen to one or more relationships. They need to let go of what might happen to the dynamic between them and at least one other person.

Moving Toward: Knight of Coins

The Knight of Coins in this position means the enquirer needs to focus on developing the more practical aspects of how to proceed, although it is likely that it will be awkward or require a lot of effort. However, this is what will help them move forward.

Achieving Harmony: The Emperor

This position at the top of the pyramid represents ones understanding between themself and the situation, particularly how they reconcile any difficulty between them. The Emperor shows that they are definitely wrestling with how they feel about things. Our feelings rule our world, perhaps more than we care to admit at times. The enquirer needs to learn to recognize their feelings while not allowing them to overtake their decision making and make decisions that include all factors.


The enquirer told me they were a single parent who also had to help take care of their own parent. We didn’t get into all the details, but after talking for a while, I encouraged them to try to create more time for themselves. The children were older and probably could be expected to take care of themselves more. The parent they were helping also had a support network, so there were others who could help in that department as well. Time is one of the precious resources we have to learn how to manage, especially when others demand that time of us.

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