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Reading 2: Waiting and Hesitating

This three-card reading resonated with the enquirer and how they needed to face up to their situation. It spoke to what was going on in their life, but it wasn’t until we talked more that I learned life had changed.

Personal Action: The Devil

When I saw this card, I wasn’t sure to what degree the enquirer was hesitant. However, they were pushing back on something or feeling resistant in some way with this situation. The next card gave me a clue as to why.

Root or Fuel: The Sun

The enquirer had been likely in a situation where they were quite comfortable and getting all that they needed. However, when coupled with the Devil, I thought things might be too comfortable and they needed to push past their comfort. The sun can indicate a need to start making an effort and not just sit and wait. Since they were at least questioning and possibly even doubting themselves, it seemed like this was where they needed to grow.

Mental Focus: Two of Wands

Their own focus was on how they might develop themselves or find a way to express what was inside them. With the two, I thought they felt the process was slow or perhaps requiring them to pace themselves and let things play out over time. It lined right up with the Sun in this reading, which I see as related to two energy.


The enquirer was a youth still in school and one whose friends and schedule had completely changed. They were definitely in a space where life was new, and they felt disconnected from their social environment as a result, looking for their new niche.

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