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Reading 1: Beginning Again

I am starting up my blog again (intermittently) and talk about some of the readings I give. My goal is to share my insights and give you a tiny taste of my reading style.

Personal Action: Temperance

When I see the Temperance card in this place, it seems like a person is doing everything they can to keep life from overwhelming them and tempting them to retreat from life in exhaustion or defeat. They are likely fully engaged in some project.

Root or Fuel: Knight of Cups

Here, the root of the situation or whatever might be fueling things is a need to develop a new dynamic with something. The cups represents a relationship of a kind, either a vicious or virtuous one. With the Knight, it means that it is a struggle right now to establish a relationship, so indicates perhaps something new or something that has taken a new turn and needs adjustment.

Mental Focus: The Lovers

In this position, it seems the enquirer is focused on sorting things out and getting greater clarity on how to proceed. Some people interpret this card to literally be about love. Ever since I saw the Marseilles deck, I realized it is not about a relationship but the act of courting and how that represents sorting out both what we want and what is available to us.


As it turned out, the enquirer let me know that they were starting a new business venture, so all of this applied to the situation. All in all, it looked like things were going well, and I didn’t see anything causing a block or requiring more work.

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