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Pretty Things

Today, I decided to take it easy and just go back to my favorite spots so far.

Back to School

I wanted to visit McGill campus again, as it reminded me so of University of Washington. I also took the metro to get there, as I had decided to stop traveling the hard way. When I got there, there was a labor protest going on at the front entrance to the main campus drive and in some other key areas along the sides of the campus. I thought it interesting to see, just because I don’t think of Canada as having labor disputes. I am guessing that’s just because I don’t watch Canadian news.

I made it past the crowds and walked a little around campus. Then, I found a nice grassy area to sit on with a large tree to lean against. I glanced around occasionally to see what was going on. There was a line up of frat boys helping to unload some truck and pile cases of beer (presumably) in a tent like pavilion. A few had their shirts off, so I think I stared more than glanced.

Back to Sainte Hélène

I returned to the Village to have lunch, which happened to be my last big helping of poutine. I went around to do a little more media shopping, mostly music and DVDs. I didn’t buy anything, but I did note a few titles, which I plan to order via Amazon. Afterward, the day was still so beautiful that I wanted to go back to a park. I took the metro out to île de sainte hélène and parc jean drapeau, where I relaxed for an hour or so. I found a small lake area and reclined while listening to music. There were a few people who had on bathing suits and decided to play in the lake (sort of). I didn’t think that was allowed, but I didn’t see anyone official looking haul them away.

Getting Them Young

After I got back from the parc, I walked around a bit in the village. As I trotted down the strip with renewed energy, I noticed a small boy (maybe 3 or 4 years old) with his mom. He pointed over to one of the male strip clubs whose outside had a lot of different, bright colored flashing neon lights that I am sure made it seem to a young boy that it was a video arcade or similarly young kid’s playground. He asked his mom if they could go in, to which mother kindly replied that they wouldn’t be able to. I smiled to myself.

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Lets mots du jour: parce que nous le meritons aussi (because we deserve it also), format regulier (regular size), grand format (big size), brisée (broken), barbe à papa (cotton candy), haute tension (high pressure), le manque de (the lack of), ca me fait capoter (it makes me go crazy), je capote (I am freaking out), se duper (to be fooled/deceive oneself), paniquer (to freak out), agaçant (irritating)

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