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Operational Website Content Strategy

When I first entered the field of website content strategy, so much of what I found seemed to focus on strategy for migrating to new sites and not so much strategy for existing sites. I saw tools like the gap analysis or content inventory listed. The way a gap analysis was described, it sounded like you really only used it when there was a major site overhaul. Also, a content inventory seemed like something you only used for the same purpose. I know when I started, it was the only way I used one.

Of course, there are tools that are more clearly used for operations. Voice and tone guidelines, editorial style books and other writing tools are clearly helpful for developing content whenever an author must do so. They help keep content more consistent across a site and provide guidance to authors who don’t write consistently.

My current job has taught me a lot about what tools we really need to strategize content production and maintenance. We have some tools that early content strategy pioneers mentioned are needed. We have some tools based on what teams tend to use for migrations that have been adjusted to fit operational use. We also have unique tools developed as we needed to solve problems we encountered.

In this series, I’m going to talk about a variety of tools that start with connecting strategy to business goals and move through content creation to content management. These tools have been useful in my particular workplace, and I hope that they will help you think critically about what you might use for your workplace.

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