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Confession of an Idealist

Life seems too cruel at times to open up to. When I can see the way that suffering takes shape, I cringe from it. Anyone with any sense of heart would. There’s so much that seems off course and headed toward disaster. Yet, there is hope as well. I know for myself there is the possibility of change, and I know part of the problem is the loss of spirit, the loss of direction that can help us move forward as a group.

Learning to Bring Beauty into Life

My ideals, which sustain me, are to do what I can to sustain quality of life. What is quality of life? I’m glad you asked. I recently watched a performance that felt like a amazing coordination of talent, and I briefly realized that perhaps life was much like this performance. Everyone had practiced a role to come together and bring something beautiful into the world, something that raised the quality of life for us, the audience. Perhaps that is the measure of success in life. Did I raise the quality of life and bring something beautiful into the world?

Keep Growing and Growing

This isn’t a process that really has an end so much as it has a purpose. I think this process goes on and on, so we can grow more and more every day. We need to learn about what beauty is on deeper and deeper levels and we need to learn how to support it even when others have turned their back on it. We need to look at the possibility of suffering and remember that it is what gives us the opportunity to bring beauty into the world. After all, ending the suffering in the world is one of the ways that quality of life improves.

The Journey Ahead

In the posts to come, I hope to continue this journey and share my experiences. I hope that even if what I share is rejected by some or ignored by others, it won’t really matter. I’ve said it, and we will all move forward as we have always done on this journey to grow and bring yet more beauty in the world, whether that beauty is apparent or profound.

And now a wish I wish for others. I wish for everyone to experience as much love and light in their lives as they will allow for themselves. Perhaps even more than that.