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Never is the Right Time

I hear occasionally someone mention waiting until the right time to do something. Sometimes they wait to face a responsibility. Sometimes they wait to try something new. In either case, it is often that “the right time” is code for “I’m not going to face this right now.”

It’s ok to wait sometimes. I wait to take care of things myself. Just recently, I’ve been figuring out when to handle a large yard chore…weeding. In our case, we have a lot of weeds from a neglected yard, so it’s somewhat overwhelming. However, I have been waiting because of the chilly weather and to some degree the rainy weather. It gets rainy around here often, though, so I’ve dismissed that as a good reason to wait. As for the chilly weather, it’s started getting warmer, so I’ve started weeding. This is how you find “the right time”. Identify the specific conditions that define it.

If you find yourself putting something off until the right time, be sure you know what that means. Face your hesitation and ask yourself, “why am I hesitating?” Think clearly about what is between you and the right time. Is it money? Is it weather? Is it a need for assistance? Get specific and then see if there’s a way for you to make it the right time. If there aren’t any conditions that will change or contribute to a better time, then just tackle it. Problems never get easier with time, only with specific conditions.

I put this as part of my Whole Self series, because we often put off a growth step because it feels like it’s never “the right time”. When we think we might want to grow in some way, we need to make sure we know what that means for us. We also need to make sure we know how to make that step. If you find yourself resisting a new experience or facing up to something, find someone to talk to and talk out your concerns. Examine the situation with someone or at least in a journal where you can see what you’re thinking and read it to yourself. You may find that you’re not ready or that you know exactly how to proceed. You may have just needed to stop and pay closer attention to it right now.