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My guide to a healthy relationship

I think we’re all curious about what makes a relationship healthy. We may think healthy and happy are the same thing. If you’re happy in your relationship, then you’re relationship is healthy. However, that seems too simple. Also, it puts a very judgmental light on disagreement in a relationship and assumes that disagreement isn’t healthy.

I’ve read and heard some things about what makes a relationship health. Open and healthy communication comes to mind. Also, I think on a personal level that partners need to be accepted by eachother’s social circles. That may or may not include family depending on how each person relates to their own kin. The point is that there are external signs of things going well. However, I think there is a spirit of relationship that is not easily meausred or observed by outsiders.

It can be hard to know where a relationship is going when it first starts. That’s just the nature of relationships. However, there comes that moment when one or both people start to realize that things are either going really well or something isn’t quite right. When they sit down, they might talk about specific moments that seem unique to their chemistry. However, I think beneath such unique moments there are common ingredients that kindle and sustain a healthy relationship.

In the next several weeks, I talk about what I think goes into a healthy intimate relationship. Some of these ingredients can apply to other relationships as well. After all, these ingredients are about how two people operate with one another. Of course, there are relationships that lack choice, so it may be more difficult to cultivate these ingredients in such relationships. Nevertheless, it’s worth exploring to see what can be done. I hope you enjoy the series.

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