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My Diet Story

I talk a bit on my page Natural about my diet and food habits, but this series will share more details. I had a pretty atrocious diet when I first moved out from my parents’ house. I ate fast food a lot and didn’t spend any time concerned with my health at all. I drank pop all the time, too, even if I did make something at home. Over time, my dental health was the first issue. I didn’t take as good a care of my teeth as I should, and when I went to college, I didn’t see a dentist at all due to lack of insurance. That cost me a lot to fix after I graduated and when I managed to get insurance.

In the last several years, I have taken a much more sincere interest in my diet. I focused on learning to cook better, which I mention on my Natural page. Later, it was thanks to other discoveries through friends about diet and health that helped me change my diet. The series will cover some of the details and split out topics into different facets of dietary health.

I start off with my philosophy of flab versus fit, which challenges the focus on being fat and seeks to bring flab into view (i.e. any sign of lower quality of health). Then I cover topics like processed foods, genetics and food, my experiences with foraging for food, sugar, how I’ve changed what I drink and finally a few supplements that I take to help my body stay healthy.

I hope you enjoy the series.

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