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Moving Forward in Time

Time is a cultural experience and one that will not change overnight (badoom boom). We may need to slowly adjust ourselves back to sensing time in our environment rather than using tools to tell us what time is. It will take a lot of practice and small steps to regaining this sense.

The first step is reclaiming our sense of cycles. We need to become aware of how things happen naturally in their cycles. Sleep is the one example I explored in my post Sensing the Flow. Eating and food related cycles are particularly strong ways to sense cycles. We may also be able to sense other, more subtle cycles, like creativity cycles, energy cycles, relationship cycles and so on, as we work to become more aware.

Next, we might want to become more conscious of our processes and how we approach life through our own methods. We may become quite a bit more aware of how different actions affect the timing of other events and through this awareness, we may be able to shift away from outcomes we don’t like toward outcomes we do like. We may also find small ways we can benefit others through carefully coordinated actions, where a small adjustment can mean so much to someone else (or several people).

Through these two tools we may feel as though we have more capability to navigate time just like we navigate space. When we become aware of time and how it works in our lives naturally, we can reshape it to fit help us rather than feel as though it enslaves us to its own will. We may find that cause and consequence are things to enjoy rather than fear. Time can become a friend.

Thanks for reading this series on Sensing Time.

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