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Monuments and sights in Berlin

There is quite a bit to see when you’re visiting Berlin. I’ve highlighted many of the monuments, memorials and other sights. However, there are still other things to see that I did not list here. If you ever go, prepare to have plenty to do.

Brandenburg Gate and Berlin Wall

Map of Berlin Wall

I thought of only two sights to see before arriving in Berlin: the Brandenburg Gate and anything about the Berlin Wall. I knew of Brandenburg gate from a game I played. It is a monument from the time when Germany was not quite united as the state we know it today. Of course, the Berlin Wayll was there when I was growing up. It was such a momentous occasion when people tore it down in 1989. Both represent Germany and Berlin in their own ways. I didn’t realize how much else would be there to look at.

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Holocaust monument

There is a field made of stelae, or concrete slabs, as a memorial to all the murdered Jewish people during the Holocaust. The slabs are at different heights throughout the field. You can walk among them and at points, they tower above you. It’s not a maze. You can easily enter and exit the field. It is massive, though, and can take a bit of time to walk through it, especially if you stop to contemplate each slab and how different areas of the field can feel when you’re standing in it.

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Reichstag tower

View of Tiergarten from within the Reichstag tower.

Later in my trip, I managed to take a tour of the Reichstag tower. The Reichstag is where the German parliament, the Bundestag, conducts affairs of state. The tower at the top is a tourist spot and gives you more history and tourist site information. It takes only about thirty minutes or so to walk up and down the tower. However, it is very popular and something you need to sign up for a day before you will be able to take a tour (usually).

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Near the Reichstag is Tiergarten, a lovely park to walk through, relax and enjoy nature within Berlin’s urban grid. Even though Berlin feels quite green, this park makes you feel like you’ve left the city all together. There are different streams and pools, plenty of gravel pathways, large fields of grass, abundant trees, bird song and sculptures in different places. I had fun strolling through this park one day just to explore and see what it held. I remember feeling like I had lost sense of time and location in this place.

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Victory Column

The Victory Column viewed while emerging from a passageway to it.

Another war monument is the Victory Column, or Siegessäule, is encircled by traffic. Never fear, though, because you can walk to get closer to it by underground passages. There are four different entrances (or exits) to get to the central circle where rises the Victory Column. If you go to see it closely, you’ll notice bullet holes in the sides from World War II conflict. It was built in the late 1800s to represent victory in the Danish-Prussian War originally. However, there were a few other Prussian wars by the time it was built, so it took on larger significance for Prussia at the time.

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Soviet memorials

There were Soviet memorials and monuments I saw. I hadn’t even thought about the fact that since the USSR occupied Berlin that there would be something from them there. There is the Soviet War Memorial near the Reichstag and Tiergarten. It includes a bronze statue of Soviet soldier. Of course, the writing is in Russian, which I could read a tiny bit of. There was also a very large monument in Treptower Park. The statues were often gigantic and somewhat elongated in form. They had some parts where one side said something in Russian and another side translated into German. It was quite a massive sight to see.

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Berlin TV Tower

Berlin TV Tower, Fernsehturm

A recognizable piece of Berlin is the Fernsehturm, or the Berlin TV Tower. I don’t think I committed this icon to memory before going to Berlin, but now I recognize it instantly in any film or TV series shot with it in the background. You can hardly miss its unique design. Just a central column supports a large metallic ball that then extends into a long antenna. It’s close to Alexanderplatz, a busier part of the city, and not far from the Spree (pronounced shpree), a river that runs through Berlin. I don’t think there’s much to do with this tower as a tourist, but it was cool to see it in person.

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When you walk through Berlin, you can find parts of this pathway that marks where the Wall used to be.

The Brandenburg Gate

The carvings along the pillars have a unique perspective that make them seem fully 3 dimensional and not just carvings on a wall.

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

The Reichstag

A tower of mirrors in the Reichstag glass tower shines light onto the Bundestag parliament below.

Tiergarten lawn and flowers

Tiergarten park bridge

Sculpture in Tiergarten

Soviet memorial in Treptower Park

Close up view of massive statue at the one end of the Soviet memorial in Treptower Park.

Soviet memorial, Tiergarten

A view of the damaged Reichstag and rebuilding of the tower.

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