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Leaving My Love

Flight day back was nearly eventless. It started to rain at 9:45 am, shortly after I got back to my hotel from having my last breakfast at Parc la Fontaine. Even though I had plenty of time before my flight, I decided it would like sitting idly at the airport more than sitting idly in a hotel room watching it rain.

First Plane Back Home

When I got on the first plane, I was amazed at the First Class setup. People in First Class had individual seating with low rise walls that made each seat seem like a one person waterless hot tub. I briefly considered whether I could ask to upgrade my seat. Of course, the rest of the plane had far more seating then I had been used to so far. Usually, I end up on a plane with only a single aisle splitting the rows of seats. This airbus was industrial size with two aisles separating the rows of seats.

On the way coming to Montreal, I didn’t watch any movies or shows on their in flight TV’s. However, I decided to go for it on my way leaving. I watched Hanna, which I had already seen but enjoyed enough to watch again. The movie was interrupted right when the character Marissa Wiegler (played by Cate Blanchett) says “Fuck Eric Heller”.

Security, Customs and Timing

When I transferred in Toronto, I was chosen for a body scan. It was not nearly as glamorous as I had hoped. Also, I brought a souvenir flask through in my bag, which one guy thought had liquid in it. However, a second security guy double checked that I didn’t have any liquid in it and let it pass. I was getting late for my transfer, with the first flight delayed by 40 minutes. I started to panic as I waited in the customs line with plenty of people ahead of me and only 20 minutes to get to my gate. Luckily, there was a woman letting people in my particular predicament get short cuts to catch flights. I made it through with only a few minutes to spare.

I definitely need to make it back to Montreal as soon as possible, but for now I will just have to reminisce about it as one of the best vacations I have ever taken.

See a description of Hanna the move on IMDB

Les mots du jour: rince bouche (mouthwash), tuer par balle (kill by gun/bullet).

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