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It’s Party Time on Your Home Page

Who do you introduce yourself to at a party? If you’re an introvert, the answer is no one. However, even introverts can spot something interesting when another person at the party reveals it. Maybe that other person wears a shirt that says “Let me kill you with my Shakespeare” and BAM! You, the introvert, go over to talk about how great you think Shakespeare is. Maybe you eavesdrop on someone and hear them say, “Yeah, that’s true, but I like gardening because it gives me some alone time” and BAM! You, the introvert, go over to ask about what kind of garden they have.

There’s always a connection to be made, but it’s in the specific things we focus on. If you want someone to get to know you, talk specifically. Give visitors something specific to do, to learn and most importantly something specific that they care about. Once you show you have something of interest then your visitors will be more interested in you. Your history and background will be interesting after you share something more specific they want to hear about you first.

Everyone Must Love Me

One of the problems with home page politics is that everyone thinks they’re the star. They can clamor incessantly to get attention, like the schmuck who keeps talking instead of listening and ends up boring everyone at the party. It’s not easy to accept that maybe some people don’t think we’re as awesome as we’d like to be. However, it’s always good to set some standard for making sure whatever appears on the home page speaks to just the right people.

Someone Wants to Listen

Chances are you’ll be able to connect to someone through your site. The art of the mingle at a party is about listening for opportunity to engage someone. When you find that topic that lets you jump in to what everyone else is interested in, people will gladly take some time to hear what you have to share. It’s the same for your home page. If you know your audience, you should only put the things out there that really speak to their interests. Then, they might click around your site to see what else you have to offer.

Just Enough to Get Started

The key to a homepage is a summary of samples, the things that you use to make a first impression to very specific people. When you’re at a party, you’re not likely the entertainment unless you’ve been hired to be. You’re a guest who’s there to meet, chat, share and enjoy both ends of a conversation with the other guests. It’s the same on your home page (just less instantaneous). You should share the thoughts that summarize only the most engaging topics that people might want to dig into on your site. You don’t have to say it all. Just say enough to get them interested.

The Checklist for Better Home Pages

If you need a checklist to help you understand how short or long your home page messages should be, try these priorities:

  • Clear understanding: the message should be complete enough to understand
  • Clear value: the message should include a statement about value (and sometimes need)
  • Brevity: if you can say it in fewer words, you should.

It may take some time to hone your home page into a true crowd pleaser. However, it will be well worth the effort to get it done.

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