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It’s All Connected (Meditation)

As I meditated more recently, I noticed that I didn’t need to hop around, so to speak, to notice my breath, my heartbeat, my body posture or the black space behind my eyes as separate things. I realized all of these things were interconnected.

The space held the air I breathed, so I was connected to the space around me through my breath.

My heartbeat drove my breathing, so my breath was connected to the beat of my heart.

My body held the air and heartbeat inside me, so my body was connected to both of those things.

It was a fairly transformative moment. As I noticed how these individual phenomena were connected, my attention expanded and included several pieces at once. I didn’t think about attending to my breath and then my heartbeat and then the blackness behind my eyes and then my posture and back to my breath. I noticed my breath and the space around me and my heartbeat at once. Then, I might shift to my posture and my breath alone. It held me in the moment more strongly than I could have realized before.

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