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Irene Reaches My Vacation

It was cloudy when I first awoke. Boooooo! I think it may have rained during the night, but basically, hurricane Irene made its way up the East coast and managed to impact Montreal weather. I decided that I needed to do something indoors.


After a quick breakfast, I looked around the stores on the strip. I ended up at a neat gay boy clothing store called Evolution. I looked around at the many open chest, ribbed, tee and other shirts, in a wide variety of colors. I tried on a few, and the very cute, 5’8″, brown hair, brown eyed store clerk gave me some advice on which colors seemed better suited to me. I ended up buying a couple of shirts.

After that, I went to Bedo, a Canadian clothier. There were many things that were interesting at first glance, but very few things that really seemed to grab me. I tried on one shirt, a zip-down textured polo-like sage green shirt, which I decided to buy.

My last shopping stop was at Fétiche Armada, which was displaying some interesting underwear in their windows. I had to stop by and check it out. I perused the clothing and quickly glanced over everything else. I stopped around the European style Private Structure underwear in low rise trunk style with solid bright rainbow colors and picked up a couple before leaving.

Check out the Evolution boutique website
Check out the Bedo website
Check out the Fétiche Armada website

Bikes For Rent

If you think Portland is a bike town, you’re in for a real shocker. In Montreal, there is a bike rental business called Bixi where people can rent bikes from large bike racks, pedal about the city for a modest fee and rerack the bikes when they’re done. It’s the bicycle version of Zipcar, kids, and it looks like it’s fairly popular. If someone can replicate and monetize this concept in Portland, we may be back in the race as the best bike town ever.

Read more about Bixi on Wikipedia

Biodome: More Than a Zoo

I stopped shopping after my morning exploration of the clothing stores, and took the rest of my time to go to the Biodome, Montreal’s indoor zoo with climate controlled areas to house a rather amazing variety of animals. The climates that they had included tropical, temperate, tundra and artic. It was pretty amazing, and I managed to take a number of pictures in the tropical area before my camera conked out. Damn It! I should have planned better.

Well, the rest of the exhibit was moderately interesting, with the arctic climate being the next most interesting part of the zoo. There was one more thing that I waited around for. They had a birds of prey presentation that had just finished when I got done with the climate controlled zones. I had to check out the few other fossil and timeline type exhibits for about forty minutes before the next presentation started seating. Once I got seated, I enjoyed the presentation. They talked about and showed us an owl, a hawk and a falcon. It was in French, and I barely caught any of it. However, I sat right in the flight path of the falcon, whose wings brushed a light wind across the top of my head while darting for perch slightly behind me and to my left. It was pretty cool.

Bring Your Wine

Apparently, this exists here in the states, but Montreal was the first time I saw Bring Your Wine (Apportez Votre Vin) restaurants. In fact, I decided to see what it was all about, and I ended up eating dinner at Steak Frites on the strip. It was actually kind of a downer. Given that they didn’t have to worry about liquor licensing, you’d think that prices could be a little bit less, but oh no. Not only that, the neighboring elder gay couple complained about their fries being over done. After they did that, I thought perhaps maybe mine weren’t so great either. Overall, I’d say the restaurant sucked, but the concept of bring your own wine still fascinates me.

Early to Bed

It was so ridiculously windy and wet, I didn’t want to do anything but go back to the hotel room. I watched the news that night and listened to reports on hurricane Irene, the damages on the U.S. East coast and specifically, the impact on New York with some bits about the impact on Montreal. At some point, I heard that there had been 40 deaths due to the hurricane. Also, it looked like New York had been mildly flooded thanks to Irene.

There was one other interesting thing on the TV that night. When was the last time you saw a commercial for an adult sex store on mainstream television during “family hours”. It wasn’t especially early, but there was a commercial for Boutique Séduction during the news reports. WTF? That doesn’t happen in the U.S., does it? I remember the commercial well. It showed a regular man and woman in casual clothing casually checking out the videos, clothes and other ecoutrements of the intimate kind like they were in Barnes and Noble or Safeway. It was kind of cool, actually.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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Les mots du jour: pain doré (french toast), spéctacles (shows, presentations, displays), la croûte terrestre (Earth’s crust), la veille (the eve. The news talked about the eve of hurricane Irene), vols annules (cancelled flights), fait des heureux (makes things better, happier).

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