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Hot, Sweet and Sad

My last full day in Montreal and it is the hottest day (also very humid). The temperature is 29 Celsius (about 84 Farenheit). Today is another day of relaxation and enjoyment.

As I left my hotel, I noticed a lot of taxis along the cross streets. This is definitely the party zone on the weekends, or at least that’s how the taxi drivers have been conditioned to behave. Shortly after walking around (only about 15 minutes) I realize I am already either perspiring or collecting water on my skin from the air. You decide.

Going Old Again

I decided to return to Old Montreal to enjoy the scenery once again. I took a few more pictures, but not many more. I also went browsing and shopping for souvenirs. There were several shops along Old Town, many of which had the same kinds of things in them: witty shirts, post cards, stuffed animals, caps, shot glasses, and many other types of souvenirs.

Park on the Peninsula

I remembered seeing the park out in the water on the end of a peninsula. When I was here before, I was going to try to get to the peninsula coming from Old Town to find the base of the peninsula, but I was so tired and it seemed so far, I opted to wait and perhaps try another route. I made my way to the nearest Metro station and went back over to the Île de Sainte-Hélène. From there, I was able to cross a bridge to get to the park. Along the way, I also saw a guy putting around on a large old bright orange old school moped.

It was le Parc de la Cité du Havre. As I walked out along the peninsula, I saw hexagonal bench set ups and bicycle pathways. Along the edges of the peninsula, people stood on thin and short rock walkways and fished off of them. There were a few people there with dogs, and I saw a few guys getting ready for wind surfing (or something close to it). I rested at the park for a while, but I was exhausted. I went back to the Village and rested in my room for a short while.

The Last Supper

That night, I decided to go to dinner at my first dinner spot, Toro Roso. I enjoyed the restaurant, but it made me feel a little more sad, like I was saying goodbye to everyone in a silent ritualistic way. Then, I went to the Latin Quarter to visit Juliet et Chocolat where I got a chocolate strawberry smoothie. OMG! I want the recipe, so I can make this every morning for breakfast.

Juliet et Chocolat

I took my chocolate strawberry smoothie and headed back to old town to get some pictures of the fountains at night. Old Town was CRAZY busy at night, with people everywhere. In the central plaza, there was a fire twirler wowing the crowd with a few flaming tricks and witty quips. I also went to a few nearby places where I remembered there being a few more lighted fountains.

Not Feeling So Gay

When I get back to the Village, I see people dressed in all kinds of kink wear, as it is Fetish weekend at L’Olympia. I never went to the club to figure out what they were doing, but it was interesting, like a sex themed Halloween party. Sadness sank into my body, so I decided to do what any repressed gay American boy would do. Revisit the strip club and have another lap dance. Obviously, I wasn’t too exhausted from the day.

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Les mots du jour: techniquement (technically), l’oeufrier (the “eggery”), avis (notice), fête du travail (labor day), boulette de viande (beef patty), laitue (lettuce), soda mousse (cream soda), don suggéré (suggested donation)

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