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Higher (and Other) Learning

I wanted to see the other university, McGill, and how it compared to UQAM, the more urban looking campus. First, however, I needed breakfast in my favorite park, Parc la Fontaine.

New Moms Keeping in Shape

While nibbling on my new favorite breakfast, sablé cookies (shortbread) and jus de canneberge (do you remember what “canneberge” means?), I heard something like rhythmic instructions being called out. I turned around in my bench facing the lake and fountain to see several women pushing baby strollers in somewhat synchronized motion. Clearly, these new moms weren’t about to let neonatality seize control of their bodies any more than it had to, so they joined in solidarity to struggle toward fitness. It seemed like a cool idea, especially given that they exercised together in the beautiful outdoors.

McGill University: The Green Campus

McGill University was very different than the UQAM. It is more like a lush yard like campus with many grassy fields between several of the buildings. The UQAM was made of more modern architecture, while McGill managed to plant itself in several older buildings that reminded me of my alma mater, University of Washington. McGill wasn’t all old buildings. There were a few more modern looking places toward the edges of the campus. It is also situated just below Parc du Mont Royal with the nearby Rue Peel (Peel street) that leads right up to it. adjacent to the U there was also a hospital, also distributed througout several beautifully designed older buildings.

Back to campus, it was a little busier, given that it was the end of summer, but I guess it was only a week before classes were about to start. FYI, they do indeed have labor day on the same day we do. That’s wierd. Anyway, it was rush week for the little greeks, and they had their card tables erected and dressed with signs of brotherly as well as sisterly love. In addition to ogling all the young guys on campus, I enjoyed the views of McGill.

Lunchtime Struggles

I went back to the Village to get lunch. I ordered yet more poutine, this time with little pieces of “steak” in it. It was more like hamburger but whatever. While I was munching away so peacefully enjoying the mound of salty fatty delciousness piling in my belly, a bee decided it wanted in on the fun. I occasionally waved it away with more gentle “swatting” as if to say, “go away. There’s something else for you to eat somewhere else.” It became a slight nuissance, so I tried hitting it a little harder. It wasn’t long before another one arrived. I found myself rather irritated and learning how to use the butter knife like a tennis racket, trying to whack the little suckers out of their bee driven minds. I managed to hit one away. It felt like quite an accomplishment, but ultimately it was a draw. I finished my food and let the bees remain. A third one arrive right around that time, and I didn’t need to fight them anymore. Bees showed up at afternoon meals a few times when I ate outside at lunch.

Do You Know a Ton about Tonnes?

I noticed a sign that talked about the maximum weight for a truck using “tonnes”. I thought that was odd, but I have sinced researched it. Apparently, there is a difference between “tons” and “tonnes”, the former referring to our measurement system and the latter referring to the metric tonne.

Egg Heads

It was apparently rush week for some students at the UQAM as well. There was a small group students wearing togas, witch costumes and the like, holding out a carton of eggs. I noticed a few of the students with some kind of messy goo on their foreheads, and I realized they were asking people to smash eggs on some of the students’ foreheads. Wierdos!

Mark of the Sun

When I got back to the hotel room, I realized I had burned around the lower part of my neck and on my nose. I felt pretty stupid to have let that happen, since it had been so sunny for several days. I walked to the closest drug store and bought 60 SPF sun block on a stick (a mini deodorant like stick) and a travel bottle of rejuvinating lotion. I rubbed the lotion on all over my face and neck. During the remaining days, I also added a layer of sun block in the mornings.

My First Strip Club and Lap Dance

I was definitely feeling a little frisky. However, I didn’t want to go out to the clubs. I felt like it would be a fruitless venture given my poor ability in French. I looked in my handy gay guide to Montreal and found three strip clubs. One, Cabaret JP, was right across from my hotel. The second was Stock Bar a way down the strip and the furthest one away as Campus. Cabaret JP seemed to have the really young boys. I couldn’t be sure about that, but it was what I guessed given who kept coming out to smoke right outside and then going back in. Stock Bar seemed to have the muscle men, which was a guess for the same reason. I wasn’t sure what to expect in Campus, but I decided it was the one I would try.

When I got in there, I was welcomed by club music and a well sculpted dancer modeling his body for all to see. The stage was fairly large and all the seating was arranged to provide the best view possible no matter where visiting voyeurs chose to sit. I chose a seat a little way from the stage and ended up sipping on some white wine. I viewed several men and was surprised to find out that they not only showed everything but occasionally came out “fully grown”. Whoa! We don’t have THAT in the U.S. for sure!

It wasn’t too long before I realized that this wasn’t just any show. One of the guys came over to my table after he had posed and teased on stage, and he started to chat with me. He was very charming, but after a little while he “invited” me to have a private dance with him. I wasn’t too shocked out of my mind to agree to it. I won’t go into the trivial details, but I certainly had a good time and some sweet dreams later that night.

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Let mots du jour: buanderie (laundromat), terrain prive (private property), stationnement (parking), sans-fil (wireless), salade-de-choux (cole slaw), à volonté (on the side. more correctly “at will”).

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