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Growth and Spirituality

Not long ago, I came to the conclusion that there really isn’t a time when we stop growing. Life is a constant learning experience, and we are forever the student. Certainly we learn how to do things and become specialized masters. However, there is always more to learn and in my opinion always more to do to become more whole.

Since I see that life is about constant growth, I think it’s important to be watchful for contented complacency. We become good enough at taking care of some things, that we often use what we are good at to avoid ever feeling like we are incapable of doing anything. We race to find security in knowing enough that we feel like once we get to a comfortable place, we should stop there. However, this puts us into a kind of rut that deceives us into thinking we are masters.

It is only when we allow ourselves to become forever students that we start to develop a true mastery of life. We stop trying to make ourselves secure and simply approach life with a new sense of learning. We realize there will always be some kind of vulnerability. We begin to see that we always have success and failure as tools for growth. Neither is better than the other. They both serve their purpose to help us move in new directions.

This leap includes different stages of moving away from “destination” focus to “journey” focus,  understanding how far to apply our ideals, processing our reactions to experiences and developing skills and knowledge over time. We no longer try to become something in particular. We simply open up to becoming whatever fits us in the moment or in that current phase of life. We enjoy what we accomplish, but we keep moving forward.

This approach to life requires a fundamental change in our relationship to life. We must surrender to the idea that we are never done. We are never perfect masters. We are only able to keep practicing and perfecting. It allows us to really look at life and stop avoiding the twists and turns we face every so often on our constant journey. This is what makes spirituality a relationship with life.

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