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Getting the Call to Jury Duty

I actually don’t mind jury duty. I don’t want to be away from work for several weeks doing it. However, I find it fascinating that neighbors judge the final verdict in a case. It’s a system many people fought for, some of whom died for, and now, we must honor it by adding our own sense of fairness.

I called once while I was in Seattle to be on jury duty, but I was a student. I sent in a dismissal form, but they never confirmed whether or not I was dismissed. I went to court to confirm in person, which sucked, but they confirmed I was dismissed.

I also got called once before for Multnomah County. I arrived on Monday and sat in the selection waiting room with a few hundred other people. Most of us sat around for quite a while, but some people were called to court rooms only an hour or so after arriving. I remember thinking how boring it all was in some way, although I brought a book to read for entertainment.

I never got called to a court room that time. Not once. It was about 3:00 p.m. when they dismissed the rest of us to go home. It was quite a peaceful day. I wasn’t too excited about being on a jury that time, but that was partly because I was doing some fun projects at work. I was more interested in them than doing jury duty.

When I got called this last time, I was more eager to be selected. I finally wanted to experience jury duty and see what all the fuss was about. I fully expected to end up on a criminal case of some kind. It’s what we see on television all the time. I also thought I would easily be dismissed, since I have a degree with a focus in psychology. Supposedly, that’s one of the things lawyers don’t like about jurors. It just goes to show you, not all cases follow those typical jury selection rules everyone talks about.

I wonder if you can guess why I didn’t get dismissed from this case before the end of this series of posts.

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