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Friends of friend in Berlin

Ice cream, or eis, that we had the first night I was there.

A few times, I had dinner with my friend and his friends. It was a mix of coworkers and people he had met while living there. All of them spoke English, but many were originally from other non-anglo countries. I think the furthest non-angle but European country was Turkey.

One of the first dinners I had with friends was at Stranero that served wood-fired pizza. I posted the picture of my pizza in the post two weeks ago. It was fun just getting to know different folks. Many of them had immigrated to Berlin from other countries. It just seemed to be the place to be.

See Stranero on Facebook

A preview of French

At one point, we had a few drinks with three friends from France. I think their names were Orelion, Marianne and Vert. We talked a little bit about French. They taught me “en cas” means a snack. They also said they can be quite naughty when they talk to each other.

The flavor menu for the eis.

One phrase they shared means, “fuck me harder. I’m not your mother.” They said they sometimes have a hard time Canadian French as well, but I’m sure it’s a lot easier for them than for me.

Inventions with friends

One evening, before heading off to dinner, I hung out with his coworkers. His coworkers were quite diverse, with one or two Germans, a Canadian, a Dutchman and an Italian. There may have even been more who weren’t there that night. They demonstrated a newer technology on their window that I think is hitting the market now. It’s a film that works a lot like an electronic curtain. They also shared a local fruity vodka drink someone was getting on the market, Berliner Sommer. It was far more sweetly delicious than I would have expected, I definitely enjoyed it.
Now, they have their own website.

See the Berliner Sommer site

The sweet vodka drink I enjoyed so much.

Fashionable change of plans

We almost went to the Burghain with his fashion designer friend Mareikes, but she was too busy competing in a fashion show. She started the competition with 2,000 or so contestants. She made it to the final 10 before I arrived, and then the final 5 shortly after I got there, which was the final round. Of course, she had to work hard for the final round, hence not going to the Burghain. Before I left, we found out she won first place, which I think included 10,000 euro and a one-time design show of her own. It was kind of thrilling to know I was that close to an award winning fashion designer.

I got to meet his friend Janice originally from Canada but who taught German at Kansas State University. She was in Berlin to take a trip with some of her students as an immersion experience. It was great. I tried speaking a tiny bit of German in front of her, but only about two sentences made it out.

Flula Borg, comedian

Janice and my friend introduced me to Flula Borg, a German comedian. He posted a series of videos on YouTube that got him into the public eye. He’s since been on Conan O’Brien and I think other shows sharing his wonderful wit. Check out the YouTube video my friends shared with me.

The “electronic curtain” pulled shut.

The “electronic curtain” wide open.

Walking around Berlin at night was quite pretty at times.

A local spätkauf, or convenience store, we went to one night for a late snack. It’s Mo’s Spätkauf, specifically.

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