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Flabby or Fit

Despite appearances, I was very unhealthy not long ago. It happened when I was 35 years old that I had shingles. I remember feeling the bump and wondering what it might be. My coworker had a look at it and said I should consult a doctor. It was solitary but uncomfortable. I delayed. I finally went in went the bump turned into several bumps crawling out across my skin. Thankfully, it lasted only a week, and at the time, I was able to work from home after it passed to give more time and make sure it was completely gone.

It wasn’t until later that I realized how important that sign of ill health was. It was the only severe sign that I might be so unhealthy. I didn’t exercise that much, but I didn’t have anything else obviously wrong with me. After a while, I came to the conclusion that shingles meant my overall health was bad thanks to a friend who had done some digging into diet and immunity. She was diagnosed as celiac, or unable to process any gluten without severe consequences. She spent a lot of time learning more about diet and health. One thing she shared with me was that digestion influences immunity. As I understand it, the more strain we put on our digestive system, the worse off our immunity is. It made sense that perhaps shingles appeared, because I had such a bad diet over the years.

This experience has lead me to see health on a scale of flab to fit. I have never been “fat” the way most people think of being fat. The most I have weighed is 165 lbs., and I am 6-feet tall. I looked a little pudgy at that time, but not fat. Not only that, fat is not necessarily a bad thing. Some fat can help your body. However, going flabby is a bad thing. We all need to maintain our fitness throughout. It requires monitoring a lot more than mere body shape. We should be active enough to push our bodies to work a little harder. We need to eat more healthy to make sure our body is more entirely strong. We need to work toward overall fitness, essentially.

A misconception about the point of being healthy is that it will lead to longer life. It is more likely that it leads to better quality of life. Studies of twins showed that those halves that didn’t maintain their health died at the same time as their more healthy other halves. However, the healthier halves of a twin pair had better quality of life before death. I think that motivates me even more to make sure I have good health for as long as I can. I hope to live my life as fully as possible for however long I have life.

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