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Finding Serenity in the Cards (or How Can I Help You?)

The Hermit Card from the Tarot deckThe Tarot readings I give are meant to help people share their stories with me, so I can provide advice that leads to more lasting serenity. In my previous post on spirituality, I mentioned there were four specific ways that people can work toward serenity. The four ways I wrote about include:

  1. Awakening to Meaningful Interpretation
  2. Identifying and Focusing on Purpose
  3. Embracing Feelings and Their Power
  4. Becoming a More Whole Person

Overlooking the Novelty

When it comes to Tarot readings, people come often for the novelty. However, when I give a reading, I focus more on how to connect the reading to spiritual serenity. Sometimes the readings are really quite affirming and positive. Other times, they show difficulty, transition or imbalance. No matter what shows in the cards, I like to help people see their reading as a guide not a license or sentencing.

Reading the Story in the Symbols

I go over the cards in a reading in the hope that as I read the symbols and tell their story, the person with the question opens up and tells theirs. The symbols in the cards represent common experiences we encounter in so many ways. It’s like having a spiritual formula that you can apply to your life to get a sense of direction. However, only you know the specifics. At least, I don’t try to look at the details in a psychic way. I believe we know the truth already, but we fear looking at times because of what might be true.

Finding What’s Underneath

I think that through exploring the story of our lives, we can get to deeper and broader issues that help create serenity through purpose. In the deck, there are some cards (the Major Arcana) that often point to such deeper issues that are involved in the circumstances. The cards denote where there may be an imbalance or where things may be coming together within the person. However, this typically corresponds to external circumstances. Likewise, other cards can show how circumstances may be changing, which in turn suggests how a person should try to handle the situation given them. All in all, such advice is important for seeing past the cards into developing serenity beyond the immediate circumstances and permeating into every moment of life.

Exploring the Spirit That Guides

On those rare occasions, I like it when people like to talk more about their spiritual outlook on life in general. I have my own beliefs of course, but it helps to hear other people’s views. Once, a friend of mine talked about needing to show forgiveness for something upsetting, because forgiving is a virtue. However, she told me enough that I could tell it could be too soon. I mentioned that it’s important to acknowledge feelings and make sure issues are indeed taken care of before we try to forgive someone. It’s never helpful to hold a grudge. It’s also never helpful to keep ignoring problems that are there.

If you’d like to see what a reading from me is like, you can contact me to let me know you’re interested. You might want to read about my Tarot reading services first, so you know what to request in more detail.

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