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Every Generation Must Grow

Managing failure is not just a personal problem. It is a social one. Every generation must learn the same lessons of every generation before it and every generation after it. Every generation must make mistakes and with them grow into something more. This means that we have to accept that every generation will fail from time to time, and our society should support the growth process instead of assuming there is an ideal that we achieve.

We have a lot of tools in place to help support constant growth. Mostly, this takes the form of schools that help each generation learn many skills. Now, with the existence of the Internet, we have access to information that can helps us learn without schools. There are also libraries, which may seem like they are outdated but are still warehouses of information.

We have to look at how all systems support or hinder growth in our society. Our society focuses too much on gratification and production. Yet, these don’t necessarily create growth in people, and therefore don’t help our society grow either. Although we must maintain our society with some leisure or pleasure as well as coming up with ways to produce and distribute new inventions that help us even more, there are several systems that fail to consider growth in people or even actively hinder growth.

Prisons are based on punishment for misbehavior rather than on correcting gaps in development. While there are many crimes that are heinous and obscene, we must remember that every offense is a demonstration of failure to grow. Prisons should, therefore, focus on identifying specific gaps, knowing how to guide people into better growth and release people when they no longer need confinement. Society also needs to fill the gap between confinement and probation, where people may need more support while they return to society and must learn to control themselves with all the social pressures the world brings.

Oddly, for a capitalist country, it seems the systems of our country don’t really work to further any markets but to keep them in place. When markets begin to shrink and workers must find new work, it’s left to the people themselves to fund their own skill development to enter new labor markets even though this because of change in our society rather than personal decisions. Also, one of the ways in which corporations are anti-capitalist is when they lobby to hinder new markets. They fund politicians who pass legislation to make it harder to develop or manufacture products that are more beneficial to people. They do this, of course, to keep their own profits going.

If we want society to support our growth, then every system in our society must support the process in some way. Not everything has to be all about growing every second of every day. It is a process that requires its own balance. Our society must shift its spirit from a vision of being perfect to a vision of becoming better every day. Our society must shift its systems from gratification and comfort to a balance of risk and reward that propels every generation forward. Our society must accept failure as something we live through rather than prevent or deny.

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