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Drinking to My Health

I used to drink pop all the time. It was really all that I drank every day. There finally came a point when I had some minor health problems I realized was coming from drinking a particular pop. I managed to stop drinking it, but I didn’t stop drinking pop. Ever since then, it’s been an on and off relationship. I have tried to stop drinking pop, but every now and again, I go for a bottle or glass of it. With my most recent discovery about sugar (see my post Sugar Is The Dietary Devil), I may be able to give it up entirely. However, what’s more important is what I’ve replaced it with.

I drink water every day. I have now for a few years. I drink 16 ounces as soon as I get up. Then, during the day, I try to have another 16 ounces at some point during the morning and then a final 16 ounces in the afternoon. I often get 48 ounces in during the day, but sometimes, I only get 32. Still, it’s a lot better than drinking pop.

I also drink Steven Smith tea now. I treat it as if I am drinking water, since it is just flavored water. We have a Cuisinart water heater that has 6 buttons for different water temperatures. We are able to heat the water to exactly the temperature we want for the best flavor of tea. It’s really a game changer for drinking tea.

An ex-coworker of mine suggested I try kombucha. I was against it at first, having an inexperienced bias. However, I finally gave it a try and now I love it. It often has the blend of slightly sweet with fizzy bubbles that reminds me of pop. Yet, it is much healthier as a probiotic with a lot less sugar. A lot! I’ve really come to enjoy it. The only downside is that it costs a bit more. There are ways to help with this, such as going to my local store with a growler. That certainly lowers the cost per glass quite a bit.

I’ve also drank kefir and kefir water. And by the way, it’s pronounced kuh-FEAR, with the emphasis on the second syllable. Kefir is fermented dairy drink that tastes like yogurt mixed with milk. It’s quite delicious and can be used as a cream base for different condiments you can make at home, such as salad dressing. Also, there’s a brand of kefir water called Obi. It’s a probiotic soda, and they make root beer, cherry and vanilla, orange and grapefruit as well as lemon and lime. Root beer and the orange and grapefruit are my favorites. They are a little less expensive than some bottled kombucha.

Lastly, there’s alcohol. I pretty much stick with cider and wine, but I’ve also tried mead. Generally speaking, I like to pace my alcohol and enjoy the flavor more than anything. If I can’t really enjoy the flavor than it’s not worth drinking in my opinion.

Now that I have a buffet of drink options instead of sugary pop, I feel a lot better about what I drink. At least I’m not pumping my body full of sugar that it can’t use.

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