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Discoveries in Paris

Car show of Citroën make of DS model cars.

Meals were exquisite but far more expensive than Berlin. In fact, Berlin was amazingly inexpensive. The euro I saved in Berlin I spent in Paris, for sure. I had pastries every morning, in particular pain au chocolat. It was definitely one of the food highlights. Also, I had real hot chocolate in Paris. Also, very delicious. And I had chocolate crêpes, or crêpes with Nutella. There was no way I was going to pass up such wonderful pastries and drink while in Paris.

Car show

There was a car show in the Place de la Concorde with old Citroën DS line of cars. It was their 60th anniversary celebrating this line. I didn’t imagine I would have seen such an event in Paris. Really, how could I have predicted that. It was fun to walk through and see them. They looked a lot like older race cars, but I imagine, they were simply made compact for smaller streets at the time.

The Place de la Concorde was an execution site during the French revolution.

Place de la Concorde on Paris Info site – read more

70s science fiction architecture

Futuristic building one in the Grenelle neighborhood of Paris.

While I walked around to find the Statue of Liberty (see my previous post), I saw some unique buildings that definitely stood out against the older architecture. They were in the Grenelle neighborhood of Paris flanked by Novotel Tour Eiffel Hotel, Korean Grocery and Movement Juif Libéral de France. They made me think of Buck Rogers, the old TV series that had similar video of buildings that were supposed to represent “the future”.

Some riverside entertainment

I walked along the quay of the seine and ended up in les Berges de la Seine. This was a series of amusements and art pieces along the extended walkway. There were also a few restaurants at key places to serve food and drink to the relaxing wanderer. I tried one of their rope hammocks along a grassy patch. It was not quite comfortable, but it was a nice place to rest for a short while. I got into an old submarine escape pod that they had set up as a possible couples excursion. Yes, you too could float in the water with your loved one trapped in a windowed sea pod.

Garden walks

Jardin Nelson Mandela (in the Halles neighborhood of Paris).

I found several gardens in Paris. I ended up in les Halles, another neighborhood in Paris. It was near the Saint Eustache church (l’église Saint Eustache). It has been renewed and renamed from le Jardin des Halles to le Jardin Nelson Mandela. It had the well maintained look with various pathways, fresh grass, some artistic constructions and play areas.

Jardin Nelson Mandela on Paris Info site – read more

I also ended up going to the National Museum of Natural History (or Muséum National de l’Histoire Naturelle). The pathways to get to in ran through the botanical garden (le jardin des plantes). It was quite expansive and took about 20 minutes to walk straight through. I, of course, meandered a bit around, so it took about an hour or so to tour. There are a few statues in the garden, namely those of Jean Héroard and Guy de la Brosse.

Jardins des plantes (and le Muséum) – read more

Serendipitous music with park getaway

A violinist who played a classical piece as I walked along the Rue de Rivoli.

One day, I decided to go away from the typical attractions and areas near them. My hotel was situated where nearly everything was West of it. However, I realized I hadn’t gone East of my hotel at all and wanted to check out a nearby park that seemed quaint from the map view on my phone.

As I walked along the Rue de Rivoli, I heard music coming from somewhere. It was violin music, and it took me a moment to locate it. I realized it floated out of window across the street and above me about three stories. There stood a violinist energetically playing a classical song I did not recognize yet stopped to enjoy. How could I not stop. She played so excellently, and it was a surprise moment. It wasn’t like I had an appointment either. So there I stood, looking up at here across the street and listened. When she finished her piece, I clapped and yelled “bravo!” She bowed toward me and turned around and bowed again. I notice clapping also coming from the room she was in. I count this as a particularly magical moment in Paris.

Perhaps it was the music or it was the park itself, but when I made it to the Places des Vosges, I felt a sense of perfect beauty. It was just a block away from the busy Rue de Rivoli but encircle by threes story buildings. All kinds of people sat or strolled in the park at the center. Some couples enjoyed one another in that relaxed glow. Some families strolled (or ran) about. Some individuals enjoyed their own time reading or playing music. There was one guy playing guitar, in fact, which continued the theme of spontaneous musical performance. When I go back to Paris, I will definitely revisit this place.

Entrance to the Places des Vosges

Inside the Place des Vosges

Futuristic building two in the Grenelle neighborhood of Paris.

Futuristic building three in the Grenelle neighborhood of Paris.

Me holding myself up on a ring along the wall near the Berges on the Seine.

Capsule Hotel for two along the Berges on the Seine.

foldable, compact, towable camper on display at the Berges on the Seine.

A wonderful green walkway I found while going to the Jardin des Plantes and National Museum of Natural History.

Jardin des plantes

National Museum of Natural History

Street artists drawing Disney characters.


An evening market I saw while walking at night.

Seems a bit rude to have a ticket machine say it’s going to “deal” with a request.

pain au chocolat (chocolate bread)

Nutella crêpe

chocolat chaud (hot chocolate)

crème brulée

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