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Developing A Skill

Developing a skill provides a perfect model for how to manage failure, or rather how to achieve success. We may obsess about failure more in specific moments that we don’t consider as learning moments, but the learning process can help us understand any moment of failure and how to get past it. 

When we first address a challenge, like learning how to tie our shoes, it helps if we already have a firm understanding of the problem. If we have someone to demonstrate how to tie our shoes for us, then they can already teach us how to approach the problem. However, if this is a new problem that we have to solve by trial and error, then this process is completely about managing failure. We must attempt a solution, tying the shoestrings one way or another until we find something that works. We may find a solution that works for us and looks nothing like what others choose. Nevertheless, we have to find a solution somehow.

The next phase is to practice the solution once we feel we understand the problem. When someone else shows us how to tie our shoes, we know all we have to do is follow the steps and practice. When we have to learn by trial and error, the learning process itself becomes practice. We must keep trying and learn from our mistakes never losing sight of a potential solution to our problem.

The process itself builds confidence. We should always have confidence that we are capable and that there is a solution if we ask the right questions. We should always have confidence that over time we will learn how to handle something better. Failing to master a solution only means we need to either change how we understand the problem or practice the solution more. It does not mean we are a failure.

This is one reason I believe in my view of spirituality as a process of growth. Viewing it as a process of growth means we no longer consider ourselves failures, because we don’t get things right the first time. It no longer allows others to judge us, because we don’t have all the answers or know how to do everything exactly right. It shifts everyone’s focus to guidance rather constantly trying to prove one is right all the time.

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