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Car in the Garage Smile

I’ll admit now what kicked off my idea for a series on daily happiness was having my car parked in the garage. No, this is not an April fools joke.

Both of the last two Winters, I’ve been grateful for a garage. The first Winter we had in our house, it snowed a lot more than usual. It was a blizzard by our standards, and I noticed how much snow and ice covered cars parked outside. I’m sure everyone had to work a bit harder to get ready to go each day. We only had to open our garage and roll along our merry way.

I have done the work of scraping off a car during Winter for many years. I know what it feels like to have that chore. I also live in a neighborhood where owners have a garage and could use it to park their car. However, they don’t. Perhaps they don’t care about the chore of scraping off the car or even heating it up a little when it’s mildly chilly. No worries. I just appreciate the advantage of a garage, and this was a simple reminder to be grateful.

I’m not attempting a comfort driven life even though I enjoy some comforts. I want to make an effort and take care of things even when they get rough. However, I also like avoiding work that doesn’t really get me anywhere. I don’t really get much from scraping off my car, so it seems pointless. If there’s an option to prevent pointless work, I’ll take it. Therefore, I really appreciate having my garage available to park the car. It’s something that has given me regular happiness, and something I stop to remember on a regular Wintry basis.

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