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All the Pieces of Me (or How Cells Come Together)

It’s interesting to think about how our bodies represent who we are as people in both individuality and community. We’re all built from a single cell at the beginning and then grow into a community of cells. It seems fitting given that as a species, we’re all so similar, and we collect into communities of our own. If we look at this relationship more closely, maybe we’ll feel hopeful about who we are as a species.

The Common Cell

Our cells differentiated from a common source. The first cell started the process and slowly, as each cell multiplied, it took on its specific role. The National Institute of Health talks about how each kind of cell develops into the body of a baby (see link below). It’s interesting, though, to think about how it all began with a “root cell” or template that became the imprint for everything else. It’s like at the core of our body, there’s a blueprint in there somewhere that designed everything we are physically.

All of our cells work together (for the most part) to keep us all alive. The process of differentiating is to help take on different roles to contribute to the whole. It’s similar to our social division of labor, where different people take on a work role to help sustain our community. We all begin with a template of a kind as children and then slowly differentiate into something that makes us a bit individual and provides a basis for our contribution to society.

Body and Mind

We may be able to access that template consciousness. In the book The Cosmic Serpent, author Jeremy Narby documents his investigation into shamanism. His investigation suggests the possibility that shamans know how to access consciousness at the biological level. He found that every culture that practices (or practiced) shamanism has symbols resembling DNA: snakes, ropes, ladders. It’s intriguing to think that we’ve been guided by our bodies’ awareness through shamanism.

We may be complex in mind because of the complexity of the body’s consciousness. Who knows how our bodies help shape our conscious thoughts, even if we aren’t all shamans. We may think in certain ways based on how our different cells work together (or don’t) at times or over the course of our lives. Epiphanies are something of a mystery and maybe somehow our bodies help push a few insights up into our minds when we least expect it.

Peace and Unity

We may also be able to achieve peace as a species much like our bodies have achieved unity. We may all be different, be we all belong together. We know that at some level. The few who resist this truth tend to be the most afraid and cowardly. It’s true that just like people resist community, the cells in our bodies can attack one another (namely when the immune system doesn’t know which cells are the enemy or not). However, more often than not, things come together well. I think we can take that to heart when we look at our species.

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